Love Him Love Them Accomplishments:

1) We purchased the land to build 100 houses (@$7,000 each) for victims of Hurricane Matthew that hit October 3, 2016 for families who remain homeless from that tragedy.

2) We purchased 2 industrial ovens for the Cooking Class at our Vocational School and ingredients for the recipes to complete their final exam.

3) For our Cosmetology class at the Vocational School, we purchased a Salon Chair, Sink, Desk, Mirror, blow dryers, Curling Irons, Straighteners, Perms and Tons of Supplies.

4) We gave $100.00 each to 15 pastors in one of the regions in Haiti we serve. These pastors influence over 3000 Haitians daily and just happened to be at one of our churches this past Sunday. Many of them walked over 3 hours and none of them receive a salary. (We are currently looking for churches to partner each of them with)

5) Purchased and installed a basketball net and 2 picnic tables to the playground area at one of our schools

6) Purchased 12 flutes for girls in one of our orphanages who have been taking music lessons, but had no instruments

7) To provide electricity to one of our pastor’s home, we purchased an Inverter and batteries.

8) Fans for our classrooms at the Vocational school

9) As a Mother’s Day gift we purchased rice, beans, oil and spaghetti for over 75 Mothers who attended one of our churches.

10) We purchased tennis shoes for 5 of the older girls in one of our orphanages, so they could attend an “end of the school year” field trip

11) Repaired 3 of the doors in the girls bedrooms in one of our orphanages

12) Repaired the plumbing in the bathrooms at the LifeSaver orphanage

13) Paid the Vocational Teachers for the month of June

14) Completed 3 bathrooms and showers at one of our schools

15) Painted a Pastor's House



16) Paid the additional SURPRISE $900 fee that was required at the embassy an additional $30 each for all 30 children.

17) Saw 150 Salvations in Haiti and the United States.

18) Made improvements to Lifesaver Orphanage (the Choir’s home), which took them from a disastrous situation to becoming one of the top government recognized orphanages in the country of Haiti!

19) Refurbished the kitchen at Lifesaver Orphanage.

20) Provided laptop computers for each child in the choir.

21) Implemented a Study Lab for Lifesaver Orphanage with personal desks and lockers.

22) Broke ground & begin construction on the Hospital in Gallet Chambon.

23) Bought an Ambulance for the Hospital.

24) Sung the National Anthem for the Atlanta United soccer team at the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

25) Gave school uniforms to our kindergarten and vocational school    students.

26) Delivered wheelchairs to special needs children in Haiti.

27) Provided internet access to the vocational school.

28) We had the first graduating class for computer students at the vocational school.

29) Broke ground & begin construction of the Transition Home in Gallet Chambon.

30) Completed the first level of the church at Doco in Haiti

31) Developed a Vacation Bible School Program focused on Haiti.

32) Ministered with over 100 participants on 6 different Mission Trips to Haiti.

33) Hosted our First Annual Golf Tournament


Thank you so much. You made a HUGE impact in the lives of many. We are very grateful.