The Haitian Orphan Choir was born from tragedy. All but 4 of these children lost everything in the Earthquake in 2010. Most of them lost their complete family that day. They found their way to the home of the Paul's who were music teachers.


The Paul's never intended on having an orphanage but out of necessity LifeSaver Orphanage was born. The Paul's have truly been a Life Saver for these children. They don't have much but what they do have, they have given, and keep giving, to these children. They are one of the happiest FAMILIES we have ever met!


This past Summer, the LHLT Haitian Orphan Choir toured the US from July to September 2017 and were privileged to sing the national anthem for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United Soccer Team, as well as performing with Grammy Award Winner Kirk Franklin, the Embers and performed at churches, community organizations, corporations, festivals, and other professional sporting events. Funds raised during the tour help to support children in Haiti, Ukraine and US.


The Haitian Orphan Choir will be returning Summer 2018 and will be available, July through October for performing. We will be traveling the Southeast and beyond. If you are interested in booking the choir for your church or community or corporate event, please contact us by email.


We are already booking and the calendar is filling up. You can check our calendar on the EVENTS page to see when they might be available and/or when we will be performing in your area.


Watch this video to learn more about the Haiti Orphan Choir